Among the Customized Connector Products available from W-Technology, Inc. are a multi-channel wet connector and a multi-channel rotary connector. The innovative and patented Wet Connector design is primarily derived from customer applications, making it inherently user-friendly. The Wet Connector, available in multiple channels, ranging from one to eight, allows the customer to reliably connect and disconnect electrical power and signal channels in a wet downhole environment. The key to the connectors success is a design that is maintenance-friendly and cost-effective to operate. It has been successfully used in MWD, LWD, and Wireline Steering and Logging Tools. 


Established in 1992, Wireline Technologies, Inc. (now W-Technology, Inc.) has specialized in the design and manufacturing of innovative Wet Connect systems used in Oil and Gas exploration applications. Since the first well test, continuous improvements on a patented system have been made, resulting in an easy to use and maintain, reliable, and cost-efficient product. Throughout the years, this product has advanced from a single conductor design to a design that includes up to 10 isolated conductors. The benefits are still the same; providing the ability to connect and disconnect electrical power and data channels in a wet downhole environment. 

Wet Connector Productline: Offers a variety of One and Multi-Pin Wet Connectors for MWD and Wireline Steering Tool (or downhole applications) applications (with patented replaceable contact spring design)

Technical Design Parameters for Feedthru Bulkhead Assy:
Temperature: 204 degrees C/400 degrees F
Pressure Rating: 0 – 25,000 PSI (0 – 1724 BAR)
Shell Material: 17-4/Inconel
Current: 2 AMPS Max per Contact
Insulation Resistance: 5000 MOhms Min @ 500VDC
Leakage Rate: 10-9 mbar x 1 x s-1

Multi-Conductor Wet Connects

Various configurations available upon request

PRESSURES TO 20,000 PSI                               TEMPERATURE TO 400 F